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Malgray Furniture Custom Cabinetry: How to Order in Ontario

Custom cabinetry provides you with the opportunity to shape the cabinets to suit your individual needs. The materials may be traditional hardwoods or paint-grade composites and there is a wide range of finishes available. We recommend that you gather together information about the furniture piece or cabinets you are considering including: dimensions, colour, and style along with pictures form the Internet or magazines if possible.

Once you have a clear picture in mind bring your ideas to our workshop. Here we will be able to show you our process and begin sketching out your ideas. You'll be able to look at various woods and learn about the different qualities, hardness and finishes. Our years of experience will help you choose just the right type of wood for your piece.

If the piece you are considering is to be built-in, bring along measurements of the available area – but don't worry too much about being exact, we will measure again before we begin. Once we have all the information we need, we will provide you with a written quotation good for 30 days.

Don't wait though, visit us today. Depending on the time of year our delivery time is usually six to 12 weeks. The wait will be worth it. We guarantee it.

Note: Delivery and Installation - If the destination is within 100 kilometers of our shop cabinets will be delivered and installed as part of the cost of the project.

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